Do you film weddings alone?

Most often, I (Jarod Lucas), shoot weddings alone so you don’t need to worry about a big camera crew taking over your day and causing distractions. In fact, I work very minimally and try to blend in as much as possible. I always work with and around the photographer, like a team, to make sure you feel comfortable to just be yourself.

I recommend a second shooter for weddings with over 100 guests.

What is your wedding videography style?

My style combines raw story telling and timeless romance. I love to capture the moments often missed - the intimate emotions, subtle expressions and candid reactions throughout the day. I do my best to be non-invasive but can always give direction for those who are more on the camera shy side. Ultimately, I endeavour to create a film that you will feel proud to show your children and grandchildren for years to come.

Do you do destination weddings?

Yes! We are always ready to pack our bags and fly to any country. Nothing inspires our work more than travel and new locations. On enquiring, just let me know as much detail as you can about the location(s) for your day and I’ll customise the quote for you. I always try to make this as affordable as I can, and cut costs where possible.

How do you choose the music?

Music plays a key role in the final feel of your wedding film. I dedicate a lot of time searching for the perfect songs to match your day. We only use music that has been licensed in order to ‘future proof’ your film. While you may love a top 100 hit now, I make sure to choose music that will last the decades. If you have strong preference towards a certain artist or song, still feel free to let me know and we can make sure you’re happy with the choice.

How do we lock in our wedding date?

After you’ve decided on a package we will send you through an invoice and contract. We just ask for a 20% deposit to lock in your date with the remainder due 14 days before your wedding.

I’m based on the Gold Coast, Australia but travel both interstate and internationally throughout the year. Travel costs are on me between Byron Bay and the Sunshine Coast.

Where are you based?

Why should I get videography?

You’ll never get the chance to re-live your day like you can through film. Your day deserves more than a collection of still images - it’s the words spoken, your guests laughing, the wild dance moves; it’s reflecting on a complete scene, rather than a just a still moment. It can be hard to communicate just how special your day was to someone, but show it to them and it immediately takes them there. Film captures those all important moments you never get to see - the Groom nervously waiting for his Bride, a tear shed over a love letter while getting ready or the guests mingling during the bridal shoot, but your videographer will be there to capture these precious moments.

Not having a film to look back on is one of the most common regrets couples have. Talk to any Bride or Groom and they say it all goes by too quick, it’s almost a blur. A day that has so much time, love and money invested into it, deserves a collection of memories with equal value.